Patriot Ancestors

Fort Industry Chapter 
National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

 Patriot Ancestors of our Members


Our Honored Ancestors – How proud we are of the knowledge that our beloved
ancestors supported the efforts  to make the United States of America a reality!
Below are our members’ honored patriots.



      • Philemon Bidlack, Private
      • Jonathan Birge, Captain
      • Elisha Booth, Sr., Sergeant
      • Zephaniah Bowers, Private
      • Simeon Case, Private
      • Philo Mallett, Non-Commissioned Officer
      • Elisha Phelps, Private
      • Nathan Philo, Sergeant
      • Ezekiel Sanford, Corporal
      • Ebenezer Steele, Private
      • Ralph Stoddard, Sr., Captain
      • Martin Warner, Civil Service, Patriotic Service, Lieutenant
      • John White, Sergeant
      • Abraham Shockey, Private
      • Alexander Wells, Captain, Patriotic Service 


      • Benjamin Adams, Private
      • Nathaniel Daley, Private
      • Ebenezer Foster, Civil Service, Staff Officer
      • Fletcher Foster, Private
      • Isaac Gleason, Private
      • Isaac Hamlin, Private
      • Eleazer Leland, Private
      • Edmund Pattee, Non-Commissioned Officer
      • Jesse Perrin, Captain
      • Jeremiah Rockwell, Sergeant
      • James Stebbins, Lieutenant
      • James Warren, Private
      • Josiah Wilcox, Private

            New Hampshire

      • John Cole, Captain
      • Simeon Dewey, Ensign
      • Thomas Dow, Private
      • Daniel Moore, Captain
      • John Webster, Lieutenant

            New Jersey

      • John Brokaw, Jr., Lieutenant
      • John Malick, Sergeant, Patriotic Service
      • John Stark, Lieutenant Colonel

            New York

      • Asa Doty, Ensign
      • Philip Pelton, Private
      • Simon Van Der Cook, Ensign
      • Samuel Van Vechten, Captain
      • Cornelius Wiltse, Soldier

            North Carolina

      • Richard Perrin Cardwell, Private, Patriotic Service
      • Achilles Crafts, Private
      • Samuel Dalton, Patriotic Service
      • Philemon Deatherage, Civil Service
      • John Coon Joyce, Private
      • John Keithley, Patriotic Service
      • Alexander Martin, Colonel, Patriotic Service
      • James Pierce, Captain
      • James Scales, Private


      • Philemon Bidlack, Private
      • John Brubaker, Private
      • Conrad Coder, Patriotic Service
      • Joseph Cunningham, Sergeant
      • Oliver Drake, Captain
      • Leonard Fry, Private
      • Simon Harrold, Ensign
      • Valentine Huffnagle, Private
      • John Huss, Private
      • Philip Kimmel, Civil Service
      • Abraham Knerr, Patriotic Service
      • John Kriedelbach, Private
      • Michael Lower, Patriotic Service
      • Peter Markell, Patriotic Service
      • James Marshall, Private
      • Peter Moore, Private
      • Michael Purkhiser, Private
      • Christian Shively, Private
      • Daniel Shuster, Private
      • George Slaybach, Private
      • Archibald Steele, Adjutant
      • John Stees, Private
      • Joshua Stevens, Private
      • Peter Stiffler, Patriotic Service, Private
      • Robert Taylor, Major
      • Peter Trautman, Non-Commissioned Officer
      • Michael Weaver, Patriotic Service, Private

            Rhode Island

      • Robert Townsend, Private

            South Carolina

      • Edmund Jones, Soldier


      • John Kilbury, Private
      • Daniel Warner, Private


      • Conrad Brandeberry, Patriotic Service
      • James Callaway, Colonel, Patriotic Service
      • Owen Davis, Patriotic Service
      • John Evans, Colonel, Civil Service
      • James Hatcher, Patriotic Service
      • Charles Jones, Private
      • Alexander LeGrande, Patriotic Service
      • Elias Mackey, Patriotic Service, Soldier
      • Francis Moore, Sergeant, Patriotic Service
      • Isaac Nichols, Patriotic Service
      • Jacob Siler, Patriotic Service
      • Robert Thomas, Captain
      • William Thomas, Lieutenant
      • Daniel Tyler, Private
      • John Webster, Private